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Cat4MRO is now part of AccuSeller


Increase the visibility of your products and services in a smart way to generate new business opportunities.
Join us at AccuSeller, the B2B sales and marketing platform with the highest ROI in the market.


ACCUSELLER is a B2B marketing and sales platform that gives mining and energy suppliers maximum visibility of their products and services, helping them to generate business opportunities at a minimum cost.

The return on investment (ROI) is the highest in the market.

On the buyer side, mining and energy companies have access to catalogues of the products and services that they need for their operations at the most opportune moment: when they need to purchase them.


-With the new Dashboard from ACCUSELLER you will be able to know how much the mining companies which use the UNILINK platform are buying from different industries.

-It will allow you to search by category, by product or by date, and the Dashboard from ACCUSELLER will show you the number of transfers and the amount of money paid by the mining companies.

-In this way, you will know how the mining market is moving around the area or category of your interest, which will help you make better desicions for your business.

-It’s really easy to use it, you will be able to clear your doubts directly in the ACCUSELLER portal by logging in with your ACCUSELLER password.

What differentiates ACCUSELLER from other alternatives?

ACCUSELLER is a highly effective digital tool to generate business opportunities at a minimum cost, achieving the highest return on investment (ROI) in the market.

Traditional alternatives, such as exhibition stands, showrooms, visits to mining sites, media appearances and others, are costly and of low accuracy, besides being restricted for sanitary and ecological reasons.

ACCUSELLER has a search engine based on artificial intelligence that allows us to make a precise match between a buyer's need and the products available in our catalogue, at the technical specification level, at the most opportune moment, which is when the buyer needs to purchase such a product.

83% of quotations are awarded to suppliers suggested by ACCUSELLER's algorithm!







+1,5 M



Visibility of your products directly at the source of demand and at the most opportune time

Find out which companies are looking for products from your catalogue

Ranking of categories and most searched products

Check which products in your catalogue are the most requested.

Low contact and transaction costs
with existing and potential customers

The best return on investment (ROI) in the market for your marketing and sales investment

How does Accuseller work?

Which companies already use AccuSeller?

All UNILINK customers have been invited to use ACCUSELLER.

There are 23 buyer companies using this platform. Among them are Mantos Blancos, Mantoverde, Lomas Bayas, Alto Norte, Sierra Gorda, Collahuasi, ENAP, Caserones, Sigdo Koppers, CMP*, El Pachón and other users of Procure4MRO which is what we call the AccuSeller buyer module. In addition, Codelco and Antofagasta Minerals use Cat4MRO, the ACCUSELLER catalogue, to find the products and services they require.

This is how the buyer sees you

Step 1

The buyer reviews in his workload, the items to be purchased. In this case, electric motors.

Step 2

In the tab to invite suppliers to quote, on the right side of the screen, a list of potential suppliers is displayed indicating the degree of match or similarity with the required items.

Step 3

The buyer can click on the suppliers to see the detail of the items in the respective catalogues. Here the supplier can display images, descriptions, datasheets and additional information (e.g. refer to their website). Although optional, this helps the buyer to get to know the product better.

Step 4

The buyer is also able to click on "Go to catalogue" to view all products published in the supplier's catalogue.

Step 5

Finally the buyer selects the suppliers on the left side of the screen by pressing the "Invite selected suppliers" button, which will move to the right side as invited suppliers. Once the buyer publishes the RFQ, the suppliers will receive a notification, they will log in to AccuSeller to accept or decline the invitation and then bid.


Contact us so that you can choose a plan that best suits your company’s needs


  • Annual Contract (*)

  • Number of Homologated SKUs
    Up to 100

  • Catalogue Management

  • Administration Panel

  • Technical Support

  • Duration of the Plan
    1 Year

  • Statistical Information(1)

  • ACCUSELLER Market(2)

  • Number of Users


  • Annual Contract (*)

  • Number of Homologated SKUs
    Up to 500

  • Catalogue Management

  • Administration Panel

  • Technical Support

  • Duration of the Plan
    1 Year

  • Statistical Information(1)

  • ACCUSELLER Market(2)

  • Number of Users

(*) Payment is annual: Payment can be made by credit card for standard and advanced plans.
(1) Statistical information: You will be able to know which companies are viewing your products, and you will be able to know which products from your catalogue are being searched by those companies.
(2) ACCUSELLER Market: You will have access to information about the market behavior within ACCUSELLER. Which are the most consulted product types, the categories with the highest activity, and more.

For more advanced needs, REQUEST YOUR CUSTOMIZED PLAN with corporate-level solutions for high-volume product and business customers.

for companies with catalogues containing thousands of products


Today your company is part of ACCUSELLER with the list of products identified by our AI search engine associated to your profile.

Once activated, within 48 hours you will receive an email from UNILINK with the information to operate ACCUSELLER, allowing you to visualize the activity of buyers on the list of products.

Webinars AccuSeller

Learn how to reach greater business opportunities and increase your sales to mining and energy, taking full advantage of our digital platform and AI product matching algorithms. If you are interested in participating in the next webinar, register here.

What will we talk about?

We will show the ACCUSELLER platform and its most recent updates.
We will explain the benefits for suppliers.
We will build a catalogue to upload to the platform.


Aldo Barreto (View profile)
Co-founder of Unilink and international expert in B2B e-commerce platforms


Find out when our next webinar will be held. Register here to be notified..

(*) We will present the benefits of the platform and clear commercial and functional doubts.


Upload Catalogue

How to load the catalogue in ACCUSELLER?

1. What is the catalogue bulk upload format for ACCUSELLER?
2. Can I also load services?
3. How to convert to uppercase and remove accents from a text with a single formula in Excel?
4. How to remove prepositions (DE, PARA) and abbreviate connectors (SIN, CON, INCLUDE)?
5. How to remove special characters (%, ™, #, @, $)?
6. How to mass convert a pdf catalogue to Excel, to avoid the time consuming process of copy/paste one by one?
7. How can I extract images from a pdf catalogue in bulk, instead of one by one?
8. How can I massively modify the size of the images, so that they adjust to the size requested by Unilink in the upload template?
9. How can I modify the size of the images, one by one, to fit the size requested by Unilink in the upload template?


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